JOE ARNONE served as CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER during his time with RADIUS. Joe transitioned over to Jabil as Head of Center of Excellence for North America and still works closely with Radius.

Lost Time – The Innovation Killer

Lost time represents the most destructive killer of innovation success. This is why the stories of ideas getting funded at Silicon Valley VC hot spots such as Coupa Café in Palo Alto, Café Borrone in Menlo Park, and Buck’s of Woodside in Palo Alto are memorialized. Time to market matters, as does market timing. For VCs, moving quickly, often based on an entrepreneur’s coffee-stained napkin sketch, can mean the difference between the next big thing or the next big bust.


Avoiding ‘Oops’

Innovation stakeholders, whether a VC, an entrepreneur, a product manager, or a team lead do not want to hear, "Oops… we should have thought of that earlier.”

Is a compelling story told by an entrepreneur the only thing a VC invests in? Will this napkin sketch work in the real world? Does this team know how to use ethnographic studies, market surveys and human factor analysis to confirm the monetizable value that is created by their solution? Does this team have the necessary technical and business knowledge to turn this great idea into reality? Do they know how to create more than a breadboard prototype? Do they understand DFM? Can they manufacture the pre-orders in their crowd funding campaign and then scale to a global market?

What if the answer to any of these questions is NO?

Mitigating Risk

Innovation. Delivered. It’s more than a marketing tagline – this is what we do, and have done for two decades. Radius works as one functional team using our 4D approach: Discover, Design, Develop & Deliver. Our team is ready to step in at an early stage of new product development to ensure that startups stay on track and benefit from the latest developments in industrial design, UX, robotics, and more. By leveraging new emerging technologies, startups can deliver a better brand and user experience for their customers and can scale their prototypes for low volume assembly and/or mass commercialization with less risk.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

NPI is no simple task and can take years if not properly executed. We know that hardware is hard. We know teams must turn an idea into reality before running out of runway. We know how to mitigate risk in NPI and reduce time to market. Let’s look at an example.

Smart Pill Dispenser – 5 Weeks to a Prototype

The smart pill dispenser concept was to build a home healthcare hub to help patients adhere to their medication regimes while remaining connected to an entire ecosystem of caregivers, from Doctors and Pharmacists to family members. Starting with basic concept sketches, the Radius Digital Rapid Prototyping team delivered the working proof of concept prototype shown here in only five weeks!

The Smart Pill Dispenser. From napkin sketch to multimedia proof of concept working prototype in five weeks.