Unique digital smart home innovation technology.

Unique digital smart home innovation technology that detects and analyzes multiple factors, learns your comfort, and adjusts your air conditioner for peace of mind. Ambi Labs selected Radius to help streamline the next generation in smart connected devices to deliver the perfect, personalized room temperature for each unique individual.

Ambi Labs is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between outdated appliances and modern technology to make today’s smart home comfortable and energy efficient. Ambi Climate, their flagship product which premiered in October 2014, is an air conditioning connected device that offers personalized comfort using built-in sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect and analyze the impact of multiple factors in an environment. Following the successful launch, Ambi Labs partnered with Radius Innovation & Development to use the first-generation smart device’s feedback to not only improve the quality of the design but also add even more features with enhanced accuracy and reduced retail price point.

"Working with Radius immeasurably accelerated the
development of the Ambi Climate 2. We benefited greatly from the professional, structured approach, deep engineering expertise, and seasoned team.”
—Julian Lee, Ambi Labs Founder & CEO




Thermal Analysis Simulation

Radius began by aligning with the Ambi Labs team on the device’s requirements and parameters for thermal analysis. The sensor needed to be placed away from any internal heat-generating electronic components to improve the accuracy of capturing the environmental temperature. This information would ultimately be used to drive the final smart product design. The team worked on several phases of design refinement to validate the repositioning of the temperature sensor as well as ensuring the improved design could be transitioned seamlessly to manufacturing.

The next phase of the project involved developing parametric 3D CAD, conducting an engineering workshop, and performing a comprehensive product evaluation to mitigate risk and prepare the design for tool release. When working on a design, Radius considers what is available, what can be repeated, and what can be delivered on time and on budget using their in-depth expertise through every stage. 


Design for Manufacturing

Once the Ambi Climate 2 design and the supporting design requirements were determined, Radius assessed the mechanical components as it related to manufacturability prior to the tooling launch. The team streamlined the manufacturing process and further reduced costs for Ambi Labs, which resulted in savings for the consumer as well.

Ready for Production

Radius verified the mechanical design through engineering build and testing with defined manufacturing partners and processes for full end-to-end services. The engineering design was then ready for mass production for a quality product with all the features and vision Ambi Labs had desired to produce from the beginning.

Innovation. Made Possible. Made Better.

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