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INNOVATION. REALIZED. Through the Radius Effect

There isn’t any room for error in mechanical design. It either works or it doesn’t. This is when we create a design that takes into account the available materials, manufacturing processes, systems, and methods to develop and deliver your idea.

Our mechanical designers and engineers are experts in the available and soon-to-be available materials, processes, and systems that can make or break your product. We work on a design that takes into account what is available, what can be repeatable, and what can be delivered on time and on budget.

Once we’re satisfied that we have a fault tolerant design that works with the available manufacturing processes and methodologies available, we then ask more questions. Should we create a prototype? Maybe we need to simulate this design to fully validate it? Are we still on focus and working towards the requirements, budget, time schedule – while considering the reality of the manufacturing process?

To get your idea closer to reality, we take advantage of our expertise in:

  • Mechanical System / Concept Generation
  • Mechanism Development
  • Materials Selection
  • Simulation
  • Prototype Development
  • Test Design
  • DFM/A
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • CAD / Drawing