Seamless, effective product design, development, and delivery creates a buzz.

No makeup kit is complete without mascara. Known as the “magic wand,” even those who forego most makeup still have a favorite tube. Hundreds of mascaras exist in a saturated market with more being released each year.

Desiring a unique solution for competitive advantage, cosmetics leader Estee Lauder chose Radius to help innovate a high-end mascara delivery device that not only was alluring, attractive, and enhanced eyes but also rewarded the consumer with a new, unforgettable user experience. The joint effort resulted in TurboLash, the world’s first turbo-charged motion mascara with vibrating brush.

Radius and Jabil Healthcare worked hand-in-hand to deliver 350,000 retail-ready units under budget and two months ahead of schedule.

Design Through to Commercialization Collaboration Realizes Vision

Estee Lauder teamed up with both Radius and manufacturing giant Jabil Healthcare. This transparent, early, and constant collaboration among partners reduced risk, decreased overall cost, and yielded not only basic product innovations but also significant process innovations that would prove essential to commercializing Estee Lauder’s original vision.


Radius identified battery and motor specifications that reduced the size of the product while still delivering appropriate runtime performance. Meanwhile, Jabil Healthcare produced a wide assortment of decoration technologies, such as vacuum metallization, clear coating, and hot stamping to meet brand and cost requirements.


Auto-Powered and Precision Engineered


TurboLash technology was founded on a pulsing technique used in painting that allows for a more even application, resulting in a more refined look. The internal assembly solution reduced the cap part count to only two major pieces: a complicated, one-piece wand/brush combination and a revolutionary chassis/smart-rotating switch. The tube was designed with a simple cap that twists to power on/off the 7,500-vibrations-per-minute motor. Once on, the vibrating brush with micro-pulse bristles saturates lashes while separating them to keep from clumping.


A Stylish Winner!

When TurboLash hit the market, 1,000 units sold overnight on Estee Lauder’s website and initial volume sold out within two months. TurboLash also took home numerous awards, including Redbook Beauty’s Top 40, Woman & Home Best Beauty Buy – Best Mascara for Genius, Cosmetic Executive Women Award – Best New Makeup Product, and Grazia Best in Beauty Award – Hottest New High-Tech Mascara.

Innovation. Made Possible. Made Better.

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