How to Make It and Scale It to Market

You never want to contact a customer and tell them you’re having a problem with your suppliers or manufacturers. This is simply bad for your business, brand, and longevity. This is why we have in-house experts with real connections to the best industry manufacturers and suppliers.

We work with these critical business components to ensure that your product can be delivered. We step through every aspect of the production and manufacturing life cycle to nail down the deliverables and requirements. We iterate this over and over again to ensure that everyone knows what success looks and feels like.

Included in the manufacturing implement phase are detailed purchasing requirements, detailed product specifications, detailed delivery schedules, and detailed success plans. Our experts work with manufacturers and suppliers to identify any problems and then to understand what caused these problems. We do this early in the delivery cycle to ensure that these problems do not delay getting your product to customers.

Every detail is considered and nothing is overlooked.


Early Supplier Involvement
  • Identify viable manufacturing technologies
  • Provide design for manufacturing and assembly input
  • Develop and engage supply chain
Plan Alpha/Beta Build Support
  • Procure prototype tooling and parts
  • EQ testing and Design Verification
  • Low to medium volume cGMP manufacturing and assembly
Production Qualification & Launch
  • Supply chain strategy and capital equipment procurement support
  • Develop & execute installation, operation, and qualification plans
Continuous Improvement
  • Implement changes to improve manufacturability/field issues
  • Cost reduction efforts

Count on the entire Radius team to allow you to realize the success that comes with a fully realized and innovated idea. You need a powerhouse design and innovation consulting firm that can deliver on the entire package and process. This is Radius. Together we’ll get you to success. We are innovation.


Our iterative process, supported by our capabilities, toolsets, and expertise can help you decide what to make and why, and then how to make it and scale to market.


Discover & Design


Develop & Deliver