Global collaboration quickly moves HP from concept to commercialization.

With just four months before its new mobile product was to be delivered to market, HP needed partners who would work seamlessly with its global team to develop and manufacture durable covers that would protect its new ElitePad Rugged tablets. 

The HP product promised “full office computing in the toughest places including the construction site, warehouse, factory floor,” so covers would require a very different approach to tablet protection, including resistance to water and dust. With a delivery deadline looming, Radius took up the challenge.

Just months to market, Radius, and HP integrated their teams in real-time communication, allowing them to iterate among China, Boston, and Chicago studios 24 hours a day to quickly move from concept to commercialization.


Hard, Dusty, Wet Work

Designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners worked seamlessly to balance the high-risk performance and function requirements to create a jacket with built-in electronic boards, I/O connectors, and an optical scanner, durable enough to withstand IP54 water, dust resistant, and able to sustain a drop from three feet from above.


Innovation Gets Tough

HP’s team of rugged tablets, with durability, security, and sustainability envisioned by its design team just four months before was introduced to tremendous reception.

Innovation. Made Possible. Made Better.

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