Radius delivers holistic guidance to ensure quality execution of a new lifesaving device.

There are many products that purport to save lives. LifeDoor is a product that actually does.


Conceived by a firefighter and EMT who recognized that, in the event of a house fire, closed doors dramatically diminish the risk of life-threatening injuries from burns and smoke inhalation, LifeDoor is an IoT-enabled fire safety solution for non-commercial buildings. The LifeDoor device mounts to hinges on interior doors and integrates with the existing smoke detectors to close the doors in the case of a fire. The product also notifies the homeowner of the fire through a mobile application, and both illuminate the room and sounds a secondary alarm to ensure there’s no chance of sleeping through the danger.

LifeDoor needed a partner to help bring the product to life for a limited time Kickstarter campaign in early June 2018, and they chose Radius. Firefighter/EMT, Joel Sellinger, and his co-founder, Ben Docksteader, had worked with Radius in the past.


“Radius has a solid reputation for taking immediate action and delivering exceptional results for their clients. We knew they would look at our device with the whole picture in mind and be able to efficiently help shape the final details and mechanics we needed to execute on a market test with speed.”

—Joel Sellinger, Firefighter/EMT and Co-Founder, LifeDoor

Radius began working with LifeDoor by supporting the development of its core architecture through electrical engineering and firmware development. Radius helped apply common sense and technical knowledge directed at finding inefficiencies and eliminating unnecessary costs in the product design while meeting the required performance, quality, reliability, and safety requirements. 

With electrical engineering and firmware development ongoing, both industrial design and mechanical engineering are also being conducted by the Radius team for LifeDoor, in support of prototypes for critical market tests. Through continued industrial design refinement, the Radius team is poised to help LifeDoor design the PCB layout and firmware to integrate with the industrial design and mechanical engineered design for their PCB prototypes, working to LifeDoor’s specified performance requirements. As development continues through the commercialization phase, Radius will also participate.

LifeDoor is smart home technology that enables homeowners to leave their doors open, knowing they will close automatically if a fire necessitates it. Lifesaving? That’s a safe bet.

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