How to Make It and Scale It to Market

Think of the software as the glue that connects the electrical and the mechanical.

During the software design phase, we’re looking for the best software solutions that will take advantage of the technologies offered by the electronic and mechanical components of the design. We make sure that all the bits and pieces can communicate and that they can do so repeatedly.

This means we plan, write, test, update, and test the code again to make sure it’s allowing your users to do what you want them to with the idea. Essentially, making it possible for you to realize your idea and solve the problem or need that sparked this process.

Communication is at the heart of good software design. Are all the components able to work together and communicate properly? What will we do to make sure this communication process doesn’t break down? How does the user communicate with the product and does our software support the desired user interface? How can we make the entire package fast and efficient while delivering on the design?

Software design and development is a wide-ranging spectrum that includes:

  • Back End UI Coding
  • Embedded Firmware
  • OS Firmware
  • Java, Qt
  • Test Design

Electrical Design, Mechanical Design, and Software Design are linked by one common Radius principle: we want repeated success. We design it, we build it, we find out if it works, and then we make sure we can do this over and over again with the same success rate.

Success is no accident here. We have to know that your idea will equal success.


Our iterative process, supported by our capabilities, toolsets, and expertise can help you decide what to make and why, and then how to make it and scale to market.