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INNOVATION. REALIZED. Through the Radius Effect

Design. Test. Redesign. Test. Redesign. Test. Ultimately, we get success. This iterative qualification process is integral to ensuring that your idea comes to fruition. Throughout the entire development process, our quality assurance experts are working with the different teams to test, manipulate, break-down, and evaluate prototypes, components, parts, specification, regulations, and code.

Successful qualification looks at the product as a whole and in its various bits and pieces. We make sure the code, hardware, and electronics work as designed. We use the product with the perspective of a new user so we can test the user interface design. We try to break it and then determine how to stop this from happening. We make recommendations on the supply chain and ensure that your product is still meeting the required regulations and design specifications.

At the end of the qualification process we all know that yes, your product, service or system is viable, deliverable and possible. We know that the idea will work and can happen.