Develop a holistic ecosystem for the connected experience while capturing value.

There is a paradigm shift taking place in how consumers interact and experience their homes. New products are bringing a higher level of convenience while also saving time, effort, and money.   


Significant growth in the connected home and smart appliance space has occurred from the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Today, there are an estimated 25 billion connected devices worldwide and one in six American households have a voice assistant, which is becoming the main method in which consumers are interacting with AI technology.1 Digital disruption has arrived in homes. Businesses must respond swiftly and thoughtfully ahead of their competition as the number of connected devices will continue to grow. The forecasted worldwide growth is estimated at 50 billion connected devices by 2020.1 

When looking at the connected home space, there needs to be an understanding of how consumer behavior is changing with their home and how incorporating smart technology brings value to both the consumer and provider. For these reasons, the smart appliances market is ripe for innovation and there are no clear leaders in the white goods space.  The market is estimated to grow in the next two years between $15-30 billion and analysts predict one third of all appliances will be connected by 2020.2 In addition, brands are looking to understand the business value of AI as well as the data monetization of this technology. Positioning and creating meaningful partnerships are key to success in this market place. 

Radius delivers on the connected experience by
focusing on the holistic ecosystem.

The Internet of Things (IoT) space, with its key components of home automation, smart hubs, and smart appliances, is highly fragmented between the natural behaviors of connected devices, incompatible system integration, and security problems. Companies must invest in AI integration, universal systems, and security protocols in order to be successful. Our team demystifies the overwhelming choices of technology, applications, ecosystem, and landscape, so businesses can move beyond square one.  

Radius is a trusted partner for companies wanting to enter the connected home and smart appliance market by providing domain expertise, cloud services, and technology in a seamless and uncomplicated package.


Innovation. Realized through a holistic approach and seamless partnership.

1.    Forbes IHS Survey 2018
2.    Markets & Markets, Technavio & Technology IHS


Innovation. Realized. Through integrated manufacturing experience and capabilities, our model has been purposely developed to accelerate the right ideas to market, reduce risk, and maximize return on investment.

20+ years of experience of innovation and development success designing thousands of products for hundreds of clients, large and small.

Ability to scale to support customer needs from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Powerful human factors and healthcare design and development legacy, having brought products to market successfully in regulatory environments many times over.

Studios strategically located in Boston and Silicon Valley— key innovation hubs.

Invests in cross-industry, top talent in design, human factors, and product development fields.