Develop targeted solutions with measurable adherence impact and bring those concepts to market.

Radius helps with understanding your specific patient medication adherence needs and developing targeted solutions to support current and emerging healthcare models as well as leverage new and evolving technologies. 


The cost of non-adherence has created a crisis in the healthcare industry, both financially and socially. Increased prevalence of chronic diseases, new outcome-based policies, and technology infrastructure are paving the way for change. Our Radius team holds unique insight on the broad adherence ecosystem, the delicate balance of multi-stakeholder workflow details, and relevant emerging technology. We leverage this experience to develop holistically targeted solutions with measurable adherence impact and bring those concepts to market.

The estimated cost of patient non-adherence is approximately $300 billion annually. In addition, almost two thirds of all patients are considered to be non-adherent and every 90 minutes a patient dies because of an accidental overdose or missed prescription. Driving patient adherence is critical to reverse the long-term effects of our enormous healthcare expenditure and keep patients safe.

The majority of solutions today have proven to be largely ineffective at driving adherence rates.

We understand why.

The need for new targeted interventions has been fueled by a growing and aging population, expanding healthcare expenditure, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, new policies and advances in technology to support adherence.  

Current solutions ask patients to adopt new and often conflicting behaviors to achieve the adherence benefit of the system. This results in significantly reduced adherence rates and results. Equally, they often do not consider the care model and sensitive workflow to deliver this value to patients. Targeting specific patient populations and demographics is critical to developing personalized interventions and approaches. This is also critical to developing a business level ROI, which is often missed and underdeveloped.


Patient medication adherence solutions are a complex matrix of behavior change and economics. Small details in any aspect of the ecosystem can unravel a solution. By building on our foundation of experience and understanding, Radius has the capability to pinpoint likely challenges and develop tailored solutions to address them.

Innovation. Realized through targeted solutions to support current and emerging healthcare models.



Innovation. Realized. Through integrated manufacturing experience and capabilities, our model has been purposely developed to accelerate the right ideas to market, reduce risk, and maximize return on investment.

20+ years of experience of innovation and development success designing thousands of products for hundreds of clients, large and small.

Ability to scale to support customer needs from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Powerful human factors and healthcare design and development legacy, having brought products to market successfully in regulatory environments many times over.

Studios strategically located in Boston and Silicon Valley— key innovation hubs.

Invests in cross-industry, top talent in design, human factors, and product development fields.