How can we help you design and deliver your digital future?

Your competitors are working on an IoT strategy that could leave you in the dust. 

Wonder if it’s true? Consider this: 52% of Fortune 500 firms since 2000 are gone. These and many more of the world’s leading brands lost their competitive edge – or worse became irrelevant - because they didn’t embrace the change that’s sweeping the business world - digital transformation.  

Digital transformation is the change that comes with the application of digital technology, enabling new types of innovation and creativity in industries from manufacturing to healthcare and automotive to packaging. Rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods – companies that embrace digital transformation build new business models, bring agility, and enhance customer experiences that change the game for their companies and their customers. 

With digital transformation, it’s not a question of if – but rather when? And the Radius Digital Strategy Practice can help. Radius digital strategists use a unique human and business-centric approach and framework to help companies think about what digital means to them and the impact it can have from the standpoint of both shareholders and customers.  

Through strategic alignment to digital pivots including hardware and software, as well as ecosystem partnerships, customers, and technology, Radius delivers multi-layered insights that lead to powerful digital outcomes that drive real customer value, competitive positioning, differentiation, and revenue.

Innovation. Realized through multi-layered insights that lead to powerful digital outcomes.


View Arvind Ravishunkar talking about digital transformation and how it applies to your business.


Innovation. Realized. Through integrated manufacturing experience and capabilities, our model has been purposely developed to accelerate the right ideas to market, reduce risk, and maximize return on investment.

20+ years of experience of innovation and development success designing thousands of products for hundreds of clients, large and small.

Ability to scale to support customer needs from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Powerful human factors and healthcare design and development legacy, having brought products to market successfully in regulatory environments many times over.

Strategically located with studios in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Boston, Chicago, and Silicon Valley, all key innovation hubs.

Invests in cross-industry, top talent in design, human factors, and product development fields.