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INNOVATION. REALIZED. Through the Radius Effect

You’ve got your idea and have confirmation that it’s a good one. This is a big step forward. One that many companies don’t get to. Now you need to determine the best way to develop and deliver this idea.

This is where the science of research and development comes into play. We peel back the layers of existing technology to dig deep into the science behind it, looking for the best way to develop your idea. We ask questions about the existing technology. We discuss if and why we should create a new piece of technology based on the existing or if starting from scratch is the best approach.

Our research and development experts focus on the best technology approach for your project. We take into account the level of risk, the optimal rate of return, and the best price suited to your goals. After all, your idea deserves to succeed and we can help you find that success.

During this process, we’ll make sure that the technology we identify for you is viable and can be trusted to deliver the results you need. We aren’t going to move ahead until we’ve got the right solution for your idea.

To get to this point, we rely on:

  • Challenge Definition
  • Technology Research / Assessment
  • IP Research
  • Concept Generation
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Concept Breadboarding
  • Concept Testing