Joanne Moretti served as GENERAL MANAGER during her time with RADIUS. Joanne was responsible for all aspects of growth and operations for the studios while also serving as Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Jabil.

Last week, like many others in our industry, I experienced the most gargantuan trade show on the planet: the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. As always, the show was held in Las Vegas and played host to thousands of companies, 170,000 humans, and several hundred robots.

Putting aside the sore feet, the frustration of waiting in line for cabs for 45+ mins, and waiting at least 20 minutes for a coffee in the morning, I will tell you that the content, the people, the innovations, and the technology I discovered more than surpassed my expectations. It was all worth it.

This year my biggest “ah-ha” moment was not about the tech or cool gizmos. Instead, I was completely and pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming passion at the show. The passion oozing out of everyone — entrepreneurs and corporate executives from companies of all sizes, at all stages. And the passion centered on improving the human condition, and making life and the planet better in some way – safer, easier, healthier, cleaner... you name it.

So this year, instead of giving you my usual laundry listing of cool tech stuff I experienced, or my pitch about the business value metrics it creates for companies, I’m going to give you the human metrics and human empowerment the technology gives us! And I’ve made it super easy by capturing it in this spectacular video.

Please enjoy!

P.S. Humans: If you would like to learn more about an empowering career here at Jabil or perhaps with our innovation and development consultancy, Radius, please feel free to check out our career pages. I feel so empowered to make a difference here and help our customer’s change the world, I’m never leaving!