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INNOVATION. REALIZED. Through the Radius Effect

You need to know that the product you’re about to deliver meets user needs and desires. All too often, people get really caught up in the details of designing and development and forget to look back to the user. This is easy to do but with Radius expertise, you can be confident that this user neglect won’t happen.

We know that we have an idea that will work – but will it delight the user? Will it give the user a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment? Will their desires be met? Does the user like it? Is the packaging and delivery model pleasing and realizable? Ultimately, does the user want it, like it, understand it, and plan to adopt it?

Because user acceptance and delight is at the heart of your product success, you simply cannot skip this step. To get to success you must know that your users are delighted.

Radius has usability and functional testing expertise in:

  • Study Design
  • Recruiting
  • Screener Development
  • Protocol Development
  • Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting
  • Functional Test Protocol Development
  • Statutory / Regulatory
  • Requirements Assessment
  • Test Method Development
  • Fixture Design
  • Test Validation