User-centric design revolutionizes a complex, laborious purification chromatography process, pulling an industry behind it.

Repligen, a leader in bioprocessing innovation, looked to Radius for its plastic engineering expertise to help scale to market its single-use, disposable column prototype. 

Traditional multi-use biologic purification chromatography columns are unwieldy and inflexible, requiring precious lab technician hours in their unpacking, cleaning, sterilizing, verification, and repacking.

What was achieved exceeded expectations at all levels: an award-winning, smart-designed family of products that transformed user experience and left its competition in its wake at market.

The Repligen OPUS reduces a deeply complicated device to its simplest, most intuitive core, offering unparalleled flexibility and reconfigurability in an open source format, enabling lab technicians to simply plumb in a pre-packed disposable column, available in various sizes.

Seeing is Improving

Starting in the lab-at-work, designers uncovered a variety of articulated and unarticulated insights through several research methodologies. Users, viewed in action, struggled with managing the complex, physically challenging process of maneuvering, packing, cleaning, and repacking traditional large multi-use columns. Revisiting the prototype, the challenge became a balance of innovative design with determining functions to improve workflow, including mobility, ensure consistent purification results, and reduce risks of exposure to harmful byproducts. All this, while attempting to unify a single brand language.


From Prototype to Realization

Prototypes of the columns were built and tested for design, functionality, and ease of assembly, a process that was repeated for all column sizes. Materials were sourced, molded, tested, and verified. The result, Repligen’s OPUS family of seven single-use columns spans a complete range of target diameters (10cm-60cm) and supports bed-lengths from 5cm to more than 40cm.


Unlike its competitors, the single-use columns support any media and offer an ease of use and functionality that immediately set a new standard. Radius further developed the product line's brand, creating a visual identity that remains a symbol of their work together.

Innovation. Made Possible. Made Better.

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