Radius redefines the visual and user experience of Seventh Generation’s liquid dish soap packaging.

The seventh Generation produces and distributes environmentally-safe household and personal care products. The company has spent over 25 years formulating plant-based solutions that are effective and healthy for everyone within the home as well as the community and environment outside of it.

While having success with many offerings, their existing dish soap packaging began to have reported usability challenges and the packaging’s opaque exterior impacted user perception and began to impacted sales. With these reported usability challenges and design concerns, Seventh Generation set out to evolve its liquid dish soap packaging design. The achieved redesign began to solve their initial dilemma, but test feedback conveyed similarities to existing products in the market. Radius was enlisted to explore the vast market’s challenges and uncover the best ways to differentiate the brand so they could take their final steps to manufacture.

Amidst a mature and competitive market, Seventh Generation selected Radius to help refine their bottle design for a result that would be unique to the brand, develop a relationship with the consumer, and enhance the retail presence and value on the shelf.

Differentiation in a Challenging Category

The goal of this project was to assist Seventh Generation with the final steps needed to create a unique packaging design that is true to their core brand values and ensures enhanced usability. Through market analysis, the Radius team studied multiple dish soap retailers and adjacent categories to uncover new innovation. Afterward, the team created a range of inspiration boards that spoke to unique, meaningful, and relevant product expressions of both Seventh Generation and the dish soap packaging. 


The team held multiple rounds of brainstorming that lead to a variety of ideas and design concepts that pushed key experience elements of dish soap packaging. During the initial concept generation phase, the Radius team generated a variety of designs and down-selected to six lead concepts. From the six concepts, Seventh Generation selected a single direction to bring into concept refinement.


From Concept Refinement to Finished Product

As a result, the final design embodied the Seventh Generation core design language through its fluid and appealing visual sensibility. The usability issues were creatively solved through the integration of a pronounced shoulder for increased awareness of the intended grip area. The form and clarity of the package offers confidence in cleaning performance through an enhanced sense of durability and robustness. The combination of these key factors helped to differentiate its retail presence and increase value on the shelf. The debossed PCR emblem at the top creates a prominent and dynamic element to highlight the sustainability that consumers come to expect from Seventh Generation products.


Design that Adds Value

To date, five dishwashing SKUs have been successfully launched into the marketplace—Free & Clear, Lavender Flower & Mint, Lemongrass & Clementine Zest, Fresh Citrus & Ginger, and Fresh Lemon & Tea Tree. The finished design has added value and increased competitiveness in Seventh Generation’s market segment.

Innovation. Made Possible. Made Better.

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