Improving retail inventory management and enhancing consumer experience.

Recognizing the evolution of consumer and retail customer preferences, Checkpoint partnered with Radius to create a new solution that could provide aesthetic versatility to fit in a wide range of retail environments.

A division of CCL Industries, Checkpoint Systems is the only vertically integrated radio frequency/radio frequency identification (RF/RFID) solution provider for retail. Checkpoint’s intelligent retail solutions are built upon 50 years of RF technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware, and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure, and track merchandise from source to shelf.


Market research showed that Loss Prevention Specialists desired sensor hardware to be visually prominent, in order to act as a deterrent and to drive down shrinkage. In contrast, Retail Designers prefer that the sensors blend into the environment, to the point of invisibility.

Elevating the Brand Identity

One of the main challenges was building on the heritage of the established Checkpoint brand while also integrating legacy learnings

The collaboration with Radius on our NEO antennas produced a revolutionary design that is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.”
— Simon Edgar, Senior Director of Product Management at Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems Neo


from the previous design with the new requirements for advancements in technology. With a foundation in Checkpoint brand values, Radius defined attributes to inform the design identity for NEO. The focus was on simplicity and sophistication. The sleek, functional design of NEO is rooted in pure geometric form with a balance of curves and defined edges that convey elegance and technical precision.

End-to-End Development

During the development process Radius negotiated a number of challenges which shaped the outcome of NEO. Product architecture was the primary focus of the early collaborative development and the Checkpoint team provided the basis of their new electronics platform. One of the main engineering challenges was balancing serviceability access while minimizing parting lines to support a seamless look. The updated design required a significant reduction in the complexity of the product structure. Multiple parts were eliminated and others were merged into a single seamless part through a combination of design and manufacturing techniques.

Radius was tasked with designing and rapidly prototyping a fully functional design within three months. The entire program, from concept to low volume production build, took just seven months. Full scale mockups were used to explore and iterate component arrangements to maximize performance, modularity and serviceability, while defining a means to creating visual lightness while integrating multiple connected technologies that support an increase in aisle widths to an industry-leading level for RF technology. Early design development included the generation of AR (augmented reality) prototypes to assess the design concepts in full scale. Using Microsoft HoloLens as a visualization tool, our team was able to drop the leading design themes directly into retail environments, allowing 360 degree assessment in the context of the real world constraints. This high-fidelity visualization allowed Checkpoint to make decisions early in the process with a high level of confidence, ultimately reducing the overall development timeline.

To support the demanding conditions within grocery and big box environments, Radius also developed a series of upgrade accessories that included a protective bumper and advertising panel system.


Market Leading Performance and Award-Winning Partnership

The NEO electronic platform delivers superior RF and sensor performance with powerful visual language that exceeds the expectations of retail stakeholders. NEO is designed to enhance the customer shopping experience in a wide range of retail settings, creating an environment of improved return on investment and lower operational costs. The sleek yet functional design of the NEO is rooted in pure geometric form with a balance of curves and defined edges that convey sophistication and technical precision. This project has earned the GOOD DESIGN distinction from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in 2018 as well as the iF Design Award in the Discipline Product category in 2019.

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