HEATHER ANDRUS served as CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER during her time with RADIUS. Heather was also responsible for customer and business partner relationships as well as the overall management of Radius Silicon Valley as Managing Director.

Wearable technology has undergone some growing pains and has suffered a perhaps not undeserved reputation of being rather geeky or just an expensive toy.

But, despite this reputation, wearable technology has made some important inroads in the fitness and healthcare markets, and the latest Apple and Samsung smart watches continue to add features almost as fast as they add new fans. All of this indicates that wearable’s moment has arrived and that it’s here to stay.


Wearables: Today and Tomorrow

The most successful wearable devices today are the ones that manage to transform ordinary objects into something digital and interconnected. From a smart toothbrush that connects to your dental care provider, to smart watches that track your fitness, and keep your appointments and emails in order. But is this where wearable technology is going? Will it remain a niche? Will it ever get rid of its whiff of geek?

HMI: The Future of Wearables

Technologists predict that in the very near future, most smart devices will lack a traditional screen and keyboard as their main form of Human Machine Interaction (HMI). This spells the end of the smartphone and even laptops and desktops as we know them. This will spawn a new era where wearable HMI is the prevalent tech of the day. Think of trendy glasses that deliver a widescreen experience directly to your retina, while bare hand gestures replace the mouse and traditional keyboards.


User Experience: Harmonizing Digital & Physical

Successful wearables of the near future must fit seamlessly into a consumer’s lifestyle, and a single wearable device must create a physical and digital experience that ensures that the end user is immersed in an ecosystem of augmented reality that helps make their day-to-day life easier.

The result will be an active digital/physical augmented reality community where wearables become a required part of the daily routine.

End to End Solutions

As the world’s largest manufacturer of wearables, Jabil and Radius Innovation are in a unique position to bring this new generation of wearables from concept to commercialization and into this new world of HMI dominance.

Emerging Wearable Trends & Technologies

Radius is currently actively addressing diverse growth opportunities for wearables in the consumer and healthcare spaces, from feasibility studies and research, to trade-offs in size, cost and functionality. This ongoing research allows us to support a full volume launch of new wearable technologies at an earlier stage of new product development than most brands could achieve on their own.


Our HMI experts and engineers are currently developing advances in precision mechanics design to help reduce wearable hardware size while increasing comfort, and our UI/UX experts are hard at work developing digital solutions that help translate complex data into simple, useful, and engaging wearable solutions for the end user.


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