Superfeet partners with Radius to accelerate the alleviation of foot pain and discomfort.

Superfeet is the leading manufacturer of over-the-counter insoles for an active lifestyle and outdoor markets. Founded in 1977, the company has amassed success building biomechanically correct products that help consumers increase their levels of comfort and performance by improving the fit and support of footwear.

In their continued quest to provide the best product solutions for consumers, Superfeet knew its next strategic step was to explore cutting-edge technology to make customized products readily available. Radius provided the capabilities needed to take this critical step to the next level.



Previously, it took Superfeet two years of traditional research and development to create their current custom insole program. In just four months, Radius proved 3D printing can be used to produce custom insoles with a high degree of replication accuracy.

Transforming the Supply Chain

With 40 years of extensive “foot shape” knowledge to support it, Superfeet desired to explore 3D printing to improve how insoles are delivered to customers. Radius acted as a project management hub to pull in different resources and provide an uncomplicated, seamless experience for Superfeet throughout the entire project.Radius connected the engineering experience, 3D printing capabilities, and design proficiency with Superfeet’s insights to produce a model to custom print insoles. The additive manufacturing and packaging experts tested 3D printing technologies, materials, and processes to identify the best blend of traditional and additive manufacturing methods.


Using Jabil’s deep knowledge of 3D printing, Radius was able to quickly eliminate 99% of the potential printing solutions available. The team underwent 40 rounds of prototyping to identify the best solution to meet the time, cost, quality, and replication requirements. It can take years using traditional research and development to create a custom insole. In four months, the Radius and Jabil partnership proved 3D printing can be used to produce custom insoles with a high degree of replication accuracy.


Superfeet was able to arrive at a solution for personalizing custom insoles at a fraction of the development cost of other traditional methods. Additionally from this partnership, Superfeet uncovered further improvements to existing manufacturing techniques, warehouse automation, and packaging.“Jabil’s DPL, Radius team and 3D printing changed the R&D landscape at Superfeet by enabling us to customize in ways we’ve never done before,” said Eric Hayes, VP of Marketing and Product at Superfeet. “It took us two years using traditional R&D to create a custom insole that could be produced in 15 minutes. Jabil, in just four months, proved how we could use 3D printing to produce custom insoles more efficiently and with an extremely high degree of replication—at a fraction of the development cost of other methods.”


In the near future, customers will be able to walk into a retailer, get their feet scanned, grab a coffee and return in 15 minutes to pick up completely customized and personalized insoles.

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