ONVI collaboration with Radius delivers innovation for oral healthcare.

Founded by a leading cosmetic dentist, Chicago-based startup ONVI designs groundbreaking products and services that empower people to better understand and improve their oral healthcare habits. Radius was approached by ONVI with the vision of advancing oral healthcare through a better at-home experience, using a connected video toothbrush. With competition from various startups, ONVI had to pick a difficult path to achieve innovation, quality, and value. From brand creation to supply chain development, Radius delivered and Prophix was born.


Radius and ONVI collaborated to revolutionize the oral care market by connecting consumers to their tooth brushing experiences and their dentists through an engaging physical and digital ecosystem.

A Physical and Digital Experience

Radius began by working to frame the user experience to prove that the product could work before proceeding with any development. The team created a rough prototype that enabled participants to brush their teeth, visually observe what they were brushing, and understand the approximate experience of using this new product. When the prototype was ready for users to test, a series of cartoon storyboards helped them understand the complete ecosystem. This research shaped product prioritization and the overall business model.


Radius coached ONVI through the branding process with a series of exercises that included determining buyer personas and brand language to conducting naming sessions and formalizing a completed brand guide. Breadboards validated mechanical approaches, while clay and 3D printing helped explore the ergonomic grip for the finalized model. While maintaining the standard size of a toothbrush, Radius was able to successfully insert more technology than any other toothbrush on the market. The team then connected the brush’s high performance video sensors and processors to a mobile application.

The live video will provide users with a better understanding of what is occurring while they are brushing and additional attachments are included to allow for continued oral care personalization. Through the mobile application a history of cleaning sessions will be located in an album to provide the user with the ability to track visual changes over time.

Innovation. Realized from vision to final product.

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“Radius delivered on all fronts, from strategy and brand creation to industrial and digital design, all the way to engineering development and commercialization. In 2016, it’s finally possible to bring this state-of-the-art technology into the home,” 

-ONVI Founder, Dr. Craig S. Kohler, D.D.S., M.B.A., M.A.G.D.