Inspired by DJs in action, Radius helps Mackie get “Back in Black.”

 In the late nineties Mackie revolutionized the concert speaker category by bringing a game changing line of speakers to the market with improved sound quality and functionality. Mackie created a unique design that set itself apart from all the other black boxes by bringing styling and attention to detail that had never been seen before in the category. Soon all the competition followed its lead and borrowed heavily from Mackie’s design to the point that it became unrecognizable. Mackie needed a new design language that would set itself apart once again and regain the category lead.





“To say my jaw dropped would be an understatement. I’ve never heard such great sound quality from such a tiny package—proving that yes, there’s room for innovation in loudspeakers, and I was looking at (and hearing) it first-hand.”
—Wesley Bryant-King, DJ Times

Usability Need Communicated LOUDLY

Through extensive in-field human factor studies of speaker users, three unmet needs set the criteria of focus: product weight, speaker footprint for mobility and use, and improved user experience through simplicity of features. The team considered functional needs against a sleek aesthetic that would differentiate the sound systems against the bulky, multi-pieced speakers in the market; a design sophistication that would play out across the line.

DJ Development Guidance

Using DJ needs as a guiding principle, Radius embarked on prototype testing. Its work resulted in functional improvements never before imagined: lightweight speakers small enough to carry in a backpack carrying case that offer unequaled, DJ-centric sound quality that maximized the bass (a nearly universal request). .



Meet your newest BESTIES.”

-— Benjamin Ricci,

A system that delivers the goods. Absolutely!

-— FOHonline


The Innovation Comeback Tour

UCompact and highly stylized, the user-inspired LOUD speaker line has built-in sound systems and easy user interfaces, built for quick implementation and equally fast break down. The addition of a lighting system repositioned the speakers as portable DJ “kits” that eliminated added time, effort, and costs to the user’s work. Technologically advanced yet utterly simple, and as style-forward as the DJs and venues they played in, LOUD thrust Mackie back into category leadership position.

Innovation. Realized through a genre-bending rock product!

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