Radius Opens NEW Digital Prototype Lab In San Jose

On Friday February 1, Radius and Jabil employees based at Blue Sky Center San Jose gathered to celebrate the opening of the Radius Digital Prototype Lab.

The Digital Prototype Lab (DPL) is a full-service, rapid prototyping facility created in collaboration between Radius and Jabil’s Engineering & Technology Services (ETS). It will provide world-class prototyping, testing, and analysis services to Blue Sky, all Jabil Business Units (BU), and to the combined global customer base of Radius and Jabil.

Fitted with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the DPL enables the integration of all of our great Jabil BU and Radius capabilities to support a more accelerated innovation and product development process.

This is the core competitive value: to enable the delivery of ideas, products, and solutions to market quicker by accelerating the design, build, analyze, and test cycles. The DPL represents an unmatched speed-to-market capability versus other worldwide competitor prototyping models. We call it Accelerated Product Introduction (API), and we are excited to work with you to demonstrate this new capability to the marketplace.

Services can be coordinated by going to the website www.radiusprotolab.com or contacting us at +1 408.361.6050 or emailing dpl@radiuspd.com.

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