Prophix: The World’s First Video Toothbrush

Radius was approached by ONVI, a pioneer in dental health, with the vision of improving and empowering oral healthcare through a better at-home experience. Together, we created Prophix, a groundbreaking new video toothbrush. Prophix captures live video so you can see and understand what is actually happening when you brush your teeth. Cleaning sessions are tracked on your phone and you are able to capture and store photos in the app.  

prophix package

ONVI founder, Dr. Craig S. Kohler, D.D.S., M.B.A., M.A.G.D.: “As I used intraoral cameras and monitors to treat my patients, I saw how much it improved their outcomes and understanding of their oral health. We collaborated with Radius to frame the user experience of this new, more informative brushing method. Radius delivered on all fronts, from strategy and brand creation to industrial and digital design, all the way to engineering development and commercialization.” Dr. Kohler added, “In 2016, it’s finally possible to bring this state-of-the-art technology into the home.”

Prophix was unveiled at a recent launch event for friends, family, and early supporters. Dr. Kohler shared the inspiration behind the development of Prophix and presented the prototype.

prophix crowd

Radius will be featuring more details about this exciting oral care innovation in our WORK section in the future. For now, to learn more and watch a demonstration video, visit GetProphix.com.

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