Joanne Moretti served as GENERAL MANAGER during her time with RADIUS. Joanne was responsible for all aspects of growth and operations for the studios while also serving as Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Jabil.

Recently, we supported a very exciting product innovation cycle for a technology company called RayVio, who needed an accelerated process.

RayVio is an advanced health and hygiene company whose vision is to deliver clean water and environments. They help protect billions of people from germs and create new markets and revenue streams by enabling new classes of products with their powerful and efficient Ultraviolet (UV) LED technology.

This technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, powering versatile on-demand solutions that give consumers control over health without chemicals or costly consumables.

Well, for anyone who knows me, they know my aversion to germs – some even referring to me as your classic “21st-century germophobe,” yet at the same time, they know my love for the planet and disdain for harsh chemicals to protect us from germs. So needless to say when the gentlemen from RayVio walked in the door at Blue Sky, looking for innovation support to help them create products that would effectively and quickly showcase and validate their IP – I was more than intrigued!

RayVio utilized Radius’ Accelerated Product Introduction (API) methodology to develop a prototype that showcased their proprietary UV LED technology. We collaborated to conceptualize a very simple product, but the type of product that is typically LOADED with germs: a water-bottle!

“It’s really the passion and the domain expertise that contributed to the success of a six-week project that also became a vehicle for us to validate all the claims associated with our technology,” said Yitao Liao, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder, RayVio. “Being able to get this prototype into the hands of potential customers and partners in a timely fashion, really helped RayVio in terms of getting the business going.”

By utilizing cutting-edge technology in the rapid prototyping process, product development teams were able to analyze and test their designs, and either reduce or increase the number of iterations, ultimately resulting in realizing a viable product more quickly. The digital connection of labs, ranging from automation to IoT, allowed product teams to accelerate the design/build/analyze/test loop, which are key elements of the product development process. Generally, if a product team comes into the Digital Prototyping Lab to get a demonstrator model in front of executives or investors in days, rather than months, that is very powerful. The longer it takes to get through the design stage, the higher the budget goes and the more likely the project will be killed.

Collaboration Breeds Innovation
When innovation and design are disconnected from manufacturing and commercialization, the risks associated with new product introduction grow exponentially. Housing design and digital manufacturing expertise under one roof can be tremendously valuable and creates a major competitive advantage. People want to get product to market faster, and again, by having these resources and capabilities in one location that our customers can conveniently access, we can compress that cycle. We have IoT, automation and many other labs here, so we can not only design the product, but start to design the manufacturing processes that are going to be needed to realize their vision.




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