As every year, CES Unveiled was packed full of journalists and full of innovations. Notably, there were fewer hover-boards than last year, less gaming and more wearables, fitness, health and lifestyle products. Here are five that caught our attention.

Motiv – a fitness tracker in a ring

This one stood out for style, design, and the sheer ingenuity required in fitting the technology into such a small and attractive space. Some consumers have been put off by fitness trackers because the space on their wrists is normally reserved for a watch. In addition, the heart rate monitor only seems to work when the product is on tightly, which can be uncomfortable. Motiv solved those issues and also tracks only your active movement. It uses raised heart rate as a prompt to start recording activity.

Mars by Crazybaby – a blue tooth speaker with a levitating tweeter

Who doesn’t need a levitating tweeter in their lives, right? Every tech savvy home should have at least one levitating product, in our opinion. This is another sleek design that combines good looks with application. The tweeter sits on top of the woofer and charges from it, levitating to avoid the interference of the bass vibration. The speaker quality is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the product is cool; no wonder it won an innovation award.

Ability 3D A88 – bench-top consumer 3D printer for metals

This is a product with both hobby and industrial applications. They claim it’s the first consumer 3D printer for metals and it will retail at below $3,000 in a spring Kickstarter campaign. What really caught our attention was the use of metals that can be purchased cheaply at your local hardware store. The printer cleverly uses both additive (print) technology and subtractive (routing) technology to ensure the desired accuracy and finish.

FridgeCam – wireless camera and application to reduce waste in your fridge

FridgeCam does what it says on the label. It’s a retrofittable camera that communicates to an application and tells you when the produce in your fridge will go bad. It can advise on when to purchase additional produce as well as alerts you when “use by” dates are imminent. The two major benefits are that it can be fitted to any fridge (instead of there being a need to purchase a new smart fridge) and that it reduces food waste (saves the average family the cost of the product in around two months). The company behind the product has overcome the design challenges of putting a camera into a low-temperature environment and of communicating wirelessly from inside a metal box.

Speedx Unicorn – a lightweight bike with an inbuilt computer and power meter

Not only is this a great looking bike that is built well with great components, but it also has all the accessories built in wirelessly and seamlessly. You can’t fault the enthusiasm of the team presenting it. Today alone, they raised more than $250,000 on a Kickstarter launch. The product combines all the normal computing technology used by cyclists with the addition of a power meter, typically used by professional riders during training.

These are just a few of the exciting innovations we’ll see this week at CES and judging by these products we can expect some very creative and well-designed solutions to tempt the ever more discerning consumer.




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