Peter Rezac is GENERAL MANAGER for RADIUS BOSTON. Peter has progressively contributed to Radius since 2010 as a talented system development engineer and is now responsible for the operations of the Boston studio.

Change is good. Innovation is critical. Together change and innovation can enable great things. The Radius team has undergone a big change recently. We’ve moved. Yes, our New England presence which has traditionally been in the industrial town of Clinton, has moved to Waltham, Massachusetts!

We’re bringing the combined power of Radius and Jabil closer to the hub of high-tech and medical innovation. This gives us and you the best of everything. A better, brighter, bigger space in which to work and grow together. It also puts us in the middle of the action, giving our talent quick and easy access to others who can inspire and teach – making for better and improved collaboration with the best in creativity, innovation, and technology.

Suffice it to say – we’re excited for what this move has already given us and what it will continue to give us – and you.

Why Move to Waltham?

To be honest – we did this for you. We needed a bigger space that allows us to grow our studio and collaborative areas. We have increased our footprint and are currently fitting out a Human Factors / User Insights Research Lab and enlarged test lab and low-volume prototyping machine shop. Sometimes bigger really is better, and with our new Watch Factory studio in Waltham, we’re getting this and more.

The new Radius studio is located in the leading technology and innovation corridor, strategically placed for efficient access to the best in technology, talent, and leadership. You know that you’re only as good as those you surround yourself with – and this is the case for our new location.

  • 10 miles from Boston
  • Easy access to the I-90, I-95, Route 20, and public transport
  • 15 miles to the Logan International Airport in Boston
  • Surrounded by many of the world’s top universities and colleges
  • Ample on-site parking, close to restaurants, and green space

Our new neighbors include some of the top technology, innovation, and leadership companies. These companies, like Radius, are on the leading edge of new, emerging, disruptive, and converging technology. We’re surrounded by some of the best in established and start-up thinking, creativity, and collaboration. In addition, we’ll still maintain a presence in Clinton, Massachusetts, as a part of the Nypro community.


Continued Growth in Innovation Leadership

Moving an entire office is not a simple undertaking. Believe us when we tell you that we analyzed the pros and cons of this move with multiple meetings, number crunching, and deep analysis. In the end, the decision to move to Waltham was the right thing to continue serving you.

This move helps us up our game and be better for you. With more access to out-of-the-box thinkers like you, we envision continued growth in innovation leadership and acceleration of your top initiatives.

  • Our talent. Our in-house talent is excited to take advantage of the new studio and collaborative spaces in the Watch Factory. The ideas are buzzing and connections are being made.
  • Change is good. Our team is excited to make an impact in Boston. We’ve got the best in innovation, leadership, design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing on our team. Now we can give our Radius top talent unprecedented access to external leaders, thinkers, and innovators.
  • Boston. We are very close to this booming high-tech and medical innovation hub. Start-ups and established companies are recognizing that Boston is the place to be. Our location in Waltham gives us and you the best of everything – a large office space, bigger labs, better client access, and quick access to the best of Boston.
  • Leaders in innovation. We are established leaders in innovation. With our new location, we can better harness our internal talent and continue growing our Jabil relationship. Together we can be better, faster, and more seamless – giving you unmatched access to thinkers, engineers, designers, manufacturing specialists, prototype labs, and more.

We’ve just moved in and are still in the process of building out some key areas of the studio, but we’re already planning a grand opening event so you can visit and see for yourself how we’re taking innovation, design, and production to the next level. Be part of real growth in innovation leadership with the Radius team. Please contact us to ensure you receive an invite to our grand opening in the near future!




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