Glide Technologies Innovates Patient-Centric Medical Device with Nypro, a Jabil Company.

“As a small company, we can't have all the competencies under one roof. With Nypro, we can cover the bases while easily and quickly ramping manufacturing as we move forward.” - Mark Carnegie-Brown, CEO, Glide Technologies

"It's a well-known fact that patients don't like injecting themselves," says Glide Technologies' Tony Mills, Chief Business Officer. For patients afraid of needles or caregivers wary of accidental needle sticks, adherence to a long-term drug therapy program - sometimes requiring multiple injections a day - can be daunting.

Solid-state formulations from industry pioneers Glide Technologies offer greater stability than liquid formulations, increasing product shelf life, and patient convenience. And their innovative Glide SDI, designed from the ground up for patient comfort and ease-of-use, was ready for design optimization, clinical trials, and production ramp.

"Jabil's Nypro Healthcare stood out, with their proven ability to handle all of our early-stage design work, while maintaining a view to our future, and what it would take to achieve mass commercialization," explains David Grant, Technical Leader for Glide.

A key success factor with Nypro was rapid prototyping – now offered as a Jabil Innovation Acceleration Service. "Nypro can quickly produce a 3D-printed prototype – sometimes with same-day turnaround," says David Grant.

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