Kymeta Fulfills Promise of Global Mobile Connectivity by Partnering with Jabil

“Jabil helped us go really deep into our supply chain, which gave us confidence that Kymeta can deliver what our customers expect without hiccups in the supply chain. We don’t have to worry about what it will take to reach large-scale production, allowing Kymeta to stay focused on our core mission.”

- Nathan Kundtz, President and CEO, Kymeta

Anyone who’s ever tried–and failed–to use a connected mobile device at sea, along a rural road, or on a train outside a major city realizes ubiquitous connectivity is more hype than reality. Not only is it unreliable and intermittent – it is extremely expensive. Until now. Kymeta, an innovative technology start-up in Redmond, Wash., has pioneered a breakthrough technology that takes advantage of satellite network capacity to deliver always-on, always-connected communications.


Customer Success

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Jabil Helps Gigamon Innovates Groundbreaking Network Visibility Solutions

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Optelian partners with Jabil to digitize optical networking.

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Learn how Zebra teamed with Jabil to speed development and delivery of revolutionary, IoT enabled sports tracking solution.

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