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Jabil Lean Makes Powerful Statement at IISE Awards

When it comes to Lean deployment and organizational excellence, Jabil isn't only an industry leader, but a global presence on how applied methodologies and principles can be true value adds for customer relationships. 

The permeation of Jabil's continuous improvement culture at our sites is gaining external admiration and acclaim. Most recently, Jabil was awarded the top three spots in the 'Competition Category' at the 2018 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Honors & Awards event. Three teams representing Jabil Chihuahua and Jabil Shanghai were recognized by IISE, a global organization that promotes excellence in innovation, and the effective implementation of Lean principles and best practices that deliver exemplary business performance improvement. 

"We've built a world-class Lean culture here at Jabil – anchored by strong leadership at the corporate and plant level," said Walter Garvin, vice president of global lean six sigma at Jabil. "Congratulations to all the teams who received recognition; this is an impressive accomplishment." 

Jabil Chihuahua, led by Dr. Alberto Rodriguez and Rodobaldo Banda, took Gold with their project titled Family Medical Care Services which highlighted the development of a full medical clinic located on-site at the facility to help reduce employee absenteeism and extended time off work. A data analysis concluded that offering this level of care to employees and their immediate family added value, and bolstered Jabil as a preferred employer in the city. 

Jabil Chihuahua wins gold at IISE awards

"The family medical service helps us to be more in touch with employees and their families, to recognize their health problems and needs and to provide better treatments during consultations," said Rodriguez. "At the moment, no company in the manufacturing industry in the city of Chihuahua has this benefit," he added. 

"The teamwork and collaboration displayed by these teams is exemplary, it sets Jabil apart from all other organizations. The presenters exhibit so much pride in their work – they're eager to tell their story and talk about the strength of their teams," said Dave Harry, Process Whisperer Consultants CEO and IISE Judge. 

Two teams from Jabil Shanghai tied for Silver with their projects iProject Digitization Solution and Customer T Business Transition into High Complex Product Assembly and Integration

Led by Carrie Qian, the iProject Digitization Solution project focused on improving customer project accountability management. The team reduced overall project cost, improved effectiveness and shortened process lead time. Due to the success of this project, it is recognized as a best practice and used at more than 20 Jabil locations, including GuadalajaraUzhgorodKwidzynWuxi and Colorado Springs

Jabil Shanghai wins silver at IISE awards

"After surveying other sites, benchmarking other projects internally and through seminars, we determined that the project would enhance Jabil's culture of ingenuity. It immediately got support from the Jabil Lean council and other functions in the enterprise," said Carrie Qian. 

Ju Qing led the Customer T Business Transition into High Complex Product Assembly and Integration project which implemented lean methodology applications from a variety of departments, including resource planning, layout design, analysis and safety operation improvement. 

"As a workcell manager, I have three priorities: pleasing our customers, motivating my team and driving us toward success," said Ju Qing. "Jabil's Lean culture inspires us to focus on continuous improvement, team engagement and removing waste from our daily work." 

"This is a proud moment for Jabil Shanghai," said Alex Zhang, site operations manager. "We greatly appreciate our employees' dedication to Lean and continuous improvement. It's an honor to be recognized at a worldwide competition for innovation, creativity and passion." 

Jabil's culture of ingenuity and its annual Deliver Best Practices Competition have empowered sites to use other recognition platforms as catalysts to highlight Jabil's Lean excellence. 

"Deliver Best Practices provides teams the organizational structure and presentation skills needed to be bullish about the quality of their data, methodology and analysis," Garvin said. "Our success at the IISE awards only validate our strong culture of continuous improvement." 

Listen to the Tech. Ideas. People. podcast episode below on how a team of HR professionals collaborated with a Lean Six Sigma expert to create the incredibly impactful healthcare program at  Jabil Chihuahua.