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It’s what we make.

We have delivered millions of dollars in savings from sustainable packaging solutions, including optimized processes, packaging design, and sustainable logistics for world-leading product and consumer brands. By partnering with customers in the early design stage, we can design for sustainability, taking the product’s entire lifecycle into consideration and driving Circular Economy principles.
​​Jabil is investing in the research and development of new materials and processes crucial to our customers, including recyclable and bio-based. We have a newly established materials lab and we’re testing materials in manufacturing settings. We are continually developing sustainable product designs and re-designs, reducing packaging size and weight, increasing amount of reusable, recyclable and novel materials. We also conduct Product Carbon and Energy Footprint Analysis, providing customers critical information about a product’s impacts from materials to delivery. ​​
Using Sustainable Supply Chain methods, Jabil can propose more efficient distribution channels resulting in reduced distance traveled, fewer emissions and lower cost.
​​At end-of-life, Jabil Environmental Technologies offers a sustainable E-waste solution.​​​We partner with you, our customers, to provide more sustainable solutions throughout product lifecycles, working toward circular economy principles and ensuring that you meet the environmental expectation of your own customers and users.


To advance our sustainability mission – and our customers’ – we work as hard as possible to make products
that have minimal impact on the planet while delivering technology that improves the lives of millions.



Our vast and complex supply chain is one area in which we work extremely hard to ensure a sustainable outcome.

IN FY2018

More than 21,000 Jabil suppliers across 100+ commodity categories were added to our Vendor Risk Management Index

This group accounts for approximately US$7 billion of supplier spend, with over 40,000 vendors supporting 165 service categories.


Supporting customers’ sustainability goals is increasingly critical to good partnerships.

Jabil is aligning itself to not only be a TRUSTED partner, but also to offer customers services and solutions that will support their own sustainability goals.

We are constantly improving manufacturing processes, ensuring smarter logistics and supply chain management while achieving consistent gains in energy conservation.

Tortosa | Spain

Strategic Transportation

One Jabil customer had three suppliers sending glass from Austria, Netherlands and Portugal to France. The increased distance and weight was causing 2131 metric tons of CO2. Partnering with our facility in Tortosa and converting the material to plastic reduced the weight and distance travelled – and cut total emissions by 81%.

Mebane | USA 

A consumer food product redesign and brand equity solution achieved:

• 20% weight reduction
• 5MM/Ibs resin saved
• High throughput advanced automation workcell model
• Lighter, Stronger, Faster


Many countries have set restrictions on the use, takeback and recycling of certain substances with environmental impacts. We go beyond the minimum requirements of many companies by requiring component-level substance transparency, full disclosure of all substances, and data reporting from our suppliers.

RoHs/REACH (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)

RFMD (Full Material Disclosure)

ROFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)

RRBA Founding Member (Responsible Business Alliance)


Jabil continues to expand its visibility into conflict minerals to increase transparency.

In most cases, Jabil is several levels removed from directly purchasing tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG) from mines, smelters or refiners