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It’s where we live.

As a multinational company, it is Jabil’s responsibility to not only be a good steward of natural resources, but promote environmental responsibility and support the creation of environmentally friendly technologies and products. Through sustainable innovation in our service offerings and internal operations, we are working towards mitigating our environmental impacts in energy, carbon, waste and water. ​​
We continually work to lighten our environmental footprint, establishing yearly goals and tracking our performance. We're also designing products that use less material, need less packaging, and use less fuel with better logistics management. What we can't reduce, we try to re-use, by selecting product and packaging materials that can be put to other uses at the end of their first life. We are also supporting the development of new plastics and materials in our own labs, supporting the goals of our customers to find novel materials based on circular economy principles that will be recyclable, compostable, or reusable.  
​Partnerships with our customers are essential. Jabil was among the earliest suppliers of a global brand to make the bold commitment to 100% renewable energy for the manufacture of their product in our manufacturing operations as part of its clean energy program. Our transition in China is expected to convert more that 1 billion KWH of electricity and save 700,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. As a proactive solutions partner with the world’s leading energy companies, Jabil is helping to make renewable energy more efficient, more effective and more price competitive with fossil fuels.
From pitch control systems, power converters and nacelles in wind energy production to smart electric vehicle chargers, and many innovations in between, we are working closely with our customers to build a sustainable future.


Jabil sets and tracks environmental progress under four main areas:


We lead by example. As one of the world's largest manufacturers, positively contributing to efforts to slow Climate Change by managing our environmental impacts is not only good for our business, it's the right thing to do. Every Jabil site has a yearly energy reduction goal and we develop annual enterprise strategies to reduce carbon emissions from our operations. That includes investing in renewable energy where it makes sense. Last year, 50 percent of our energy was from renewable sources and we continue to look for opportunities to increase that number. In fiscal year 2018, Jabil reduced carbon emissions by 50 percent.


In 2018, 50 percent of our energy use came from renewable energy, including wind and hydroelectric.

Our transition to clean energy in China is converted more than 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity in 2018 and saved more than 700,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.