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Jabil Joules

A joule is a unit of exerted energy, which is why we consider all of our employees Jabil Joules – full of energy and the driving force that can make a difference at Jabil, and for our families, our communities and ourselves.

Launched in 2013, our Jabil Joules program serves as a platform to create an open dialogue around diversity and inclusion through global educational forums, mentorships and community involvement activities. The program’s events serve all employees, male and female and for those just starting their career to senior leaders.

As a company with operations across many regions and countries, our employees collaborate with each other and our customers around the world. All employees are encouraged to speak up and be heard, while being true to themselves. We value and embrace the differences that make us who we are as individuals and global citizens.

The Joules program is worldwide, with sites spearheading local activities in the Americas, Asia and across Europe with the goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our Joules around the world are positively influencing the next generation of the manufacturing and STEM workforce. Their inspiring stories and experiences have a lasting impact at Jabil and in the community.

The Jabil Joules blog below showcases our employees and their unique journeys, features Jabil leadership’s thoughts around the business benefits of diversity and inclusion, and shares Joules events from sites around the world.


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Jabil Joules
Jabil Joules
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  • Mentoring Helps You and the Business

    A mentoring partnership works when two factors are in place: good leadership demonstrated by the mentor and the capacity to learn by the mentee. And for those who are ready for that commitment, it’s without a doubt, worth every minute.

  • Are You Ready for the Future of Work?

    Not a single day goes by that we don’t hear the word “change” or “disruption” mentioned in the news, conference rooms or water-cooler conversations. So, then, what skills do we build today for the challenges of tomorrow? There are at least three key things to diversify and prepare us for the future.

  • Make Your Voice Heard Podcast Series

    Building confidence and making your voice heard are two important skills for any level employee in order to bring new ideas to the table and share diverse ways of thinking. Leaders from Jabil St. Petersburg’s information technology department shared skills they’ve acquired over the course of their careers on how to best share ideas and opinions in any professional setting.

  • A Leadership Toolkit: Empowering Your Teams

    Empowerment is an important part of the job description for any manager of people, turning you into a leader not just a manager. I have always considered Jabil’s empowerment model and culture to be one of the core strengths of the company.. Here are a few lessons I learned that I hope inspire the next generation of our leaders:

  • Auburn Hills Regional Power Forum: Create Opportunities, Create Success

    With a theme of “Create Opportunities, Create Success," event topics ranged from career planning, skills development, mentoring and personal growth. Insights were shared from multiple leaders in the organization, including Chief Executive Officer Mark Mondello.

  • Joules Program Bridges Two Sites Across the World

    The partnership between the two IT hubs exemplifies how Joules, and our organization, encourages and empowers employees to be diverse while also working as one Jabil.

  • Jabil Chihuahua Engineer Recognized as One of Mexico’s Promising Engineers

    Gaining recognition as one of Mexico’s “Promising Engineers” under the age of 30, Paola Ornelas is making big moves and bringing innovative changes to Jabil Chihuahua.

  • Uzhgorod’s Regional Power Forum: Diversity Leads to Innovation

    The Jabil Joules Regional Power Forums are creating positive energy around the diversity efforts at Jabil sites across the globe with the latest empowering event organized at our site in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, last week.

  • The Value of Education: Learning from Books and Beyond

    Education has often been seen as the path to one’s first job; however, it’s just as important for continuously growing yourself and your career.

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