The Radius New England studio has relocated to the historic Watch Factory complex, located along the Charles River in Waltham, MA. Constructed by the Waltham Watch Company in the 1860s, this unique building is home to the Boston studio and is headquarters for the company. In addition, the Radius team will continue to maintain a presence within the industrial town of Clinton, MA, as part of the Nypro community.

Visiting Radius Boston

221 Crescent Street, Suite 103A
Waltham, MA 02453
United States
+1 781.902.0500
101 Union Street
Clinton, MA 01510
United States

Parking Info

Some general/specific information about parking when visiting Radius... public and in-lot parking and how to find it.

Public Transit Info

Info on the MBTA, Waltham Commons T stop, and how to get to Radius from there.