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INNOVATION. REALIZED. Through the Radius Effect

You have a product and you know it can be improved upon. So how do you improve it? You need to start with a deep analysis of your product. This is hard to do when you’re close to the product – so this is where we come in.

We’ll help you get to the best product possible. We look at your product from every possible angle. We break it down. We take it apart. We look at each and every bit and component. We ask users what they like and don’t like. We create prototypes and see if these meet your product needs. We look at where and how you’re spending money on developing and delivering this product. We review your suppliers to find the best ones possible.

When our value engineers are done with your product, you’ll have the knowledge and plan you need to move forward. We’ll give you a strategy and process that enables you to deliver the best viable product possible. Now, this might result in a complete redesign, or it could just be a matter of a few changes and upgrades. Regardless of the changes required, you can be confident that at the end of this process, you can and will give your users the best possible product, allowing them to do what they expect and desire from your product.

To do this for you and your users, our value engineers take advantage of their expertise in:

  • Value Analysis
  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Competitive Tear Downs
  • Component Level Sourcing / Security of Supply
  • DFM/A Assessment