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INNOVATION. REALIZED. Through the Radius Effect

The rubber is getting close to the road now. Your idea is designed and you’ve got the supporting design requirements nailed down and decided on. Now you need to know how you’re going to get this product out into the world. You need to know who can best support you in providing the various components, pieces, packaging, and parts that all come together to deliver on your idea.

Now, too many people want to rush this process. But, we’re here to tell you that rushing is not part of supply chain management. Think of all the products that used to be available – the ones that came to market really quickly, had a flash of success and then simply disappeared. Yes, these are the products that were rushed through the supply chain management process. There was too much focus on getting the product out to the customer and not enough focus on the attention to detail required to develop and deliver a reliable and successful product.

During this critical phase, we use our expertise and connections to:

  • Identify the best suppliers
  • Determine how to control costs
  • Do the research to learn about part longevity and stability
  • Create and test prototypes
  • Solidify relationships with suppliers to guarantee part/component availability

Our supply chain management professionals spend a lot of time asking the hard questions of suppliers and manufacturers. Can you give us this? When can you give it to us? What is the price? Can you guarantee this? For how long can you deliver on this? What is the best out there and how much does it cost? Can the prototype actually be delivered with the parts and components that are available with the budget we have to work with?

The right bits from the right suppliers at the right cost with the exceptional level of reliability and repeatability that we all need to deliver on success.